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Drink DuJour: Jett Black Dog

Dive deep into this dark cocktail at DaDong in New York City

The upscale Chinese restaurant DaDong boasts ten locations in China with two earning Michelin star ratings. It is celebrated for its traditional dish of Roast Peking Duck but, the cocktail menu offers an array of must-have surprises at the first and only New York City outpost. The Midtown Manhattan hotspot is the first U.S. location for DaDong and features two enormous floors to dine at and a recently renovated outdoor terrace garden.

The Jett Black Dog, a cocktail named after Joan Jett, Ricky Byrd and Ferdinand von Zeppelin, contains a dark surprise that not many would expect. Upon first glance at the chic black color, one has to think there’s something fishy about this drink. The color is created by infusing one liter of Hangar One Vodka with squid ink. Yes, squid ink. By adhering to a philosophy of contrast, the umami squid ink delivers a briny character with a slightly salty flavor, but by adding fresh grapefruit and simple syrup, the cocktail erupts with fresh and fruity notes.

DaDong is known for taking the traditional authenticity of a Chinese dining experience and turning it into a transcendental gastronomic journey. While enjoying the Roast Peking Duck and sipping on your Squid Ink Jett Black Dog, enjoy the sexy vibrance of a uniquely culture-encompassing location.

2 oz Squid Ink Hangar One Vodka**
1 oz Grape Fruit Juice
0.25 oz Simple Syrup

Preparation: Shake all ingredients and serve up with a side salted rim.