Drink DuJour: Fine & Rare’s Black Caviar Martini

by Natasha Wolff | October 5, 2018 4:30 pm

Is there anything classier than sipping on an extra dry martini at a swanky jazz club? Yes, adding caviar to the mix. Tucked away within the confines of an unexpected midtown east neighborhood, bordering Murray Hill’s decidedly young and preppy outskirts, you’ll find a small slice of old New York in the form of an intimate hideaway. Fine & Rare[1], which is richly decorated with, well, fine food and rare spirits, is known for theatrical dining just as New York is known for popularizing jazz. With live music every night and an extravagant menu (including an enormous ostrich egg plate), this must-see New York time machine takes you back to a vibey moment in history.

Within the complex cocktail program, we’ve decided that the Black Caviar Martini is exactly the libation to select, and for $76, it is a glamorous indulgence you will not regret. Stir Beluga Gold Vodka until ice cold for a classic extra dry martini and the drink is ready. Equally, if not more indulgent, comes the vodka’s customary accomplice: caviar. A symbol of opulence[2], the black caviar sits on a throne of ice with pumpernickel at its side. The basis of the collaboration is said to be the crisp vodka being able to draw out the caviar’s salty flavoring, placing the tasty indulgence at center stage, just where it should be. For the rarest of experiences, savor simplicity at its finest with Fine & Rare’s Black Caviar Martini. See below for full preparation.

2.5 oz. Beluga Gold Vodka

Preparation: Stir until ice cold. Strain over ice cube in a large martini glass. Serve with a side of pumpernickel and black caviar.

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