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Drink DuJour: Cotton Candy Cosmo

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a cocktail from Sugar Factory Ocean Drive

Located in the heart of South Beach, Sugar Factory Ocean Drive is known for its celebrity clientele and ultra-Instagrammable cocktails and desserts. The trendy restaurant’s Cotton Candy Cosmo is no exception, with a rainbow pop rocks rim and cotton candy garnish. “The Cotton Candy Cosmo turns a childhood staple into an adult treat. Mixing Cotton Candy Vodka with flavors of Orange, Lime and Cranberry allows for fruity, citrus notes to balance out the sweet flavor of the drink. The pop rock rim adds a little extra surprise, while the cotton candy on top lets you enjoy your favorite childhood treat in its traditional form,”says Founder of Sugar Factory American Brasserie Charissa Davidovici.

Satisfy your own sweet tooth with the recipe below.


2oz Cotton candy vodka
1oz Orange vodka
.5oz Triple sec
1oz Lime juice
1oz Cranberry juice

Preparation: Mix in a cocktail shaker. Garnish with cotton candy pop rocks rim and top with a cotton candy ball on skewer.