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Drink DuJour: Baccarat’s Happy Chateau

Get a refreshing taste of true luxury with this recipe from Baccarat’s “Cocktail Party in a Box” set

The Happy Chateau cocktail belongs in nothing other than the Baccarat wine glass and finished with an orange wedge. But if you’re not an aperitif consumer, Baccarat’s “Cocktail Party in a Box” set comes with eight unique glasses, all of which are accompanied by a drink recipe fit for the taker. The other cocktails include Biba Blue, Dolce Chateau, Vega Dry, Harcourt Sunrise, Vega Kisses, Vega on the rocks and Harcourt Freeze. Crafted of clear crystal, Baccarat’s iconic shapes complement each tasty cocktail effortlessly. The Happy Chateau specifically, in the Chateau Baccarat wine glass, delivers a tall and full body in structure and a refreshing gift to your taste buds. Plus, the iconic red box never disappoints.

The bitterness of the Cappelletti aperitif combined with an herbal identity offers just the right amount of sweetness. Combined with Kappa Pisco, a vibrant liquor, the fruity and light taste gets drawn out, which is a flavor every summer drink should contain. The top-off of champagne (another summer cocktail essential) adds to the light body as well. This take on the Aperol spritz delivers layers to the taste with a variety of flavors to enjoy. See below for the full recipe for the refreshing Happy Chateau.

2 cl of Kappa Pisco
1 cl Cappelletti
1 cl champagne
Hint of orange bitters

Preparation: Combine all ingredients in a glass, stir and pour over ice in the Chateau Baccarat wine glass. Decorate with an orange wedge.