Drink DuJour: Adventure Bros

by Natasha Wolff | October 12, 2018 4:00 pm

The season of apple picking, pumpkin spice lattes and scarves is upon us. Fall also brings with it a colorful landscape, weather fit for stylish layers[1] and an invigorating spirit. For the outdoor enthusiasts, we urge you to celebrate National Adventure Day on October 14. Embark on an afternoon hike and embrace the crisp air or maybe adventure to a nearby park for a bit of neighborhood exploration. Whatever your level of adventure might be, complement your endeavor with a spirited cocktail to match. Shackleton Whisky[2] has partnered with Cocktail Academy[3]’s Matt Landes to curate two signature drinks inspired by one of history’s most celebrated explorers. Sir Ernest Shackleton was a polar explorer in the 17th century and most recently, has been paid homage in the new Netflix series, Atypical[4].

Shackleton led several expeditions to the Antarctic and was a true pioneer in his field. His Arctic voyages might be listed as his most notable legacy to some but Shackleton also left something a little more spirited behind. After one of his treks to Antarctica, Shackleton and his team hid three cases of whisky beneath their shelter, which would be discovered 100 years later. The whisky was recreated by Master Distiller Richard Paterson for Shackleton Whisky and now, is the perfect base for the Adventure Bros cocktail. Made with Killer Bee Honey and a touch of sweet Hazelnut Whipped Cream, this drink is vibrant and flavorful.

Though we don’t necessarily suggest taking on such ambitious adventures like Shackleton did, we do suggest mixing this sweet concoction at home this weekend. See below for the full recipe.

2 oz. Shackleton Whisky
.5 oz. Killer Bee Honey
Hazelnut Whipped Cream Float

Preparation: Add Shackleton and KB Honey to your mixing glass and fill with ice. Stir until KB honey is dissolved. Strain over a large ice cube and top with a dollop of Hazelnut Whipped Cream.

Photo credit: Cocktail Academy LA for Shackleton Whisky / Scott Clark

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