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Drink DuJour: Abbotsford

Indulge in this whisky-based cocktail created by the Beverage Director at Peachy’s in NYC

As you weave through the interlocking streets of New York City’s Chinatown neighborhood, you will eventually find yourself in front of a dimly lit cocktail lounge nestled underneath Chinese Tuxedo. Peachy’s is fairly nondescript from the exterior, boasting a nonchalant charm that you can really only find in Manhattan, and a narrow set of stairs leading guests down into the cocktail lounge. With neon signs and quirky decor, Peachy’s can transform into the ideal place for date night, an intimate gathering, or even the spot for a solo cocktail after a long day. Our favorite concoction is the Abbotsford, created by Tui Tekaaho, the Beverage Director at Peachy’s.

The star of this cocktail is the Starward Australian Whisky, a smooth spirit that is perfect for either sipping or stirring into a drink. Combined with apricot brandy and honey, there is definitely a sweet flavor to the Abbotsford, but don’t worry, you will not be struck with a sugar rush. The addition of egg yolk and heavy cream create a unique juxtaposition within the drink and offer a warm yet refreshing taste. Topped with champagne and you have yourself a supreme cocktail fit for nearly any occasion. See below for the complete recipe.

1.5 oz. Starward Australian Whisky
1 oz. Apricot Brandy
1 Egg Yolk
0.5 oz. Heavy Cream
0.5 oz Honey
Champagne or Sparkling Wine, to top 

Preparation: Combine Starward Australian Whisky, brandy, egg, cream and honey in a shaker with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into an empty Collins glass. Top with sparkling wine and serve.