A High-Tech Way to Open Your Costly Wine

by Natasha Wolff | February 15, 2016 1:50 pm

Opening a pricey bottle[1] of wine usually requires drinking the entire bottle in one sitting—otherwise, leftovers are subject to the funky aftertaste that results from the wine mixing with oxygen. But a new wine preservation system is about to change that.

The Coravin Model Eight Wine System

The Coravin Model Eight Wine System

The Coravin Model Eight Wine System lets wine connoisseurs enjoy a single glass without exposing the remainder of the bottle to oxidation. Created by a medical device inventor, the gadget operates by inserting a thin, hollow needle through the center of the cork. Once it’s inside, argon is released into the bottle, and pressurization forces wine out through the needle and into the glass below. The hole created by the needle is so thin that cork actually reseals itself—and no oxygen is able to enter in the process.

It’s a game-changing gadget for both individuals and restaurants, who might be more inclined to serve high-end bottles by the glass. The unit retails for $300 and is available at Coravin.com[2].

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