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Fantasy Dinner Party With the Founders of Cherry Bombe

Kerry Diamond and Claudia Wu, the women behind fashion’s favorite indie food magazine, dish on their dream menu, guest list and more

It’s round two for Cherry Bombe, the bi-annual magazine started by Harper’s Bazaar alums Kerry Diamond and Claudia Wu. Their niche food magazine’s second cover, a spot held by Karlie Kloss for the inaugural issue last spring, features BabyCakes NYC‘s Erin McKenna, founder of the vegan bakery group doing business in New York, L.A. and now Disney World.

Cherry Bombe

Babycakes NYC’s Erin McKenna covering the second issue of Cherry Bombe

“Erin represents everything we celebrate at Cherry Bombe,” Diamond tells DuJour. ” She’s a scrappy visionary with a big heart and a great sense of style. She started making vegan, gluten-free treats before it was a trendy thing to do and influenced the bakery scene in a big way.”

Going into the holiday season, the theme given to issue number two is simply, fittingly “Baked.”

“So many of the women we were talking to and talking about had a connection to baking,” says Diamond. “Also, it seemed right for right now. The world feels so crazy these days because of politics, social media, culture…but baking is the opposite of all that.”

In anticipation of all the dinner parties ahead this season, we at DuJour wanted to know how Diamond and Wu would throw their own soirée sans any and all limitations. Below, they give DuJour a taste of their dream dinner party, down to a guest list gathering Morrissey and Miuccia Prada at the same table.

Kerry Diamond and Claudia Wu

Kerry Diamond and Claudia Wu

The Hosts:

Kerry Diamond, editorial director of Cherry Bombe
Claudia Wu, creative director of Cherry Bombe


The Location:

“The gardens of Versailles when Murakami has his exhibit there. Or in the old Penn Station that was torn down.”


The Flowers:

Saipua flowers

Saipua flowers

Saipua in Brooklyn


The Menu:

“We’d choose a vegetarian menu.”

Starters from Kristen Kish of Menton in Boston:
Baby Carrot Salad with yogurt, black olive and fairytale eggplant and Potato-Miso Velouté

Main course from Amanda Cohen of Dirt Candy in NYC:
Smoked broccoli “hot dogs” and Parsnip pillows with watermelon radish, tarragon and parsnip “biscuits”

Cherry Bombe bombe by Amirah Kassem at Flour Shop in NYC


The Outfit:

Zero + Maria Cornejo

Zero + Maria Cornejo fall 2013

Kerry would wear Zero + Maria Cornejo.


Thakoon fall 2013

Thakoon fall 2013

Claudia would wear a lace cut-out dress from Thakoon‘s fall collection.


The Guest List:

Karlie Kloss
Chef Rob Newton (Kerry’s partner in life and food)
Lena Dunham
Nigella Lawson
Aziz Ansari
Judith Jones
Maurizio Cattelan
Pierpaolo Ferrari
Miuccia Prada
Marina Abramović
Judith Jones
James Franco
Sofia Coppola
Wes Anderson



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