Chelsea Cutler’s Guide to New York City

by Natasha Wolff | June 6, 2018 4:00 pm

Chelsea Cutler[1] has recently made the surprisingly smooth transition from being a 20-year-old student-athlete making music in her dorm room to signing to Ultra Records[2] and earning a co-sign from The Chainsmokers. The young singer-songwriter recently dropped her newest single “You Make Me[3]” following her hit “Your Shirt” which netted over 22 million streams on Spotify. Cutler may be young, but she’s a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music scene, both in her sound and her belief system. “I saw that the music industry was male dominated and that made me want to work at my production to get to a place where I could self-produce,” Cutler says.

But she admits she’s still impressionable and rebellious, especially when it comes to her absorption of culture. “I see the way my friends and role models act and a lot of the time I want to emulate those things,” she says. “But, I also want to do the exact opposite of what I hear or see or what I’m told,” she adds. With a happy balance between organic and electronic elements[4], Cutler’s sound has attracted the attention of music titans like Chet Porter, Louis The Child and Quinn XCII. Through collaborations and covers Cutler’s carved a path for herself in the music industry but as for her own music, she just wants people to feel something from it. “I genuinely put my heart into my songs. They save me and I really hope they can save other people, too,” she says.

Chelsea Cutler

Chelsea Cutler

Growing up just outside of New York City[5], Cutler was fortunate enough to visit with her family for various plays and concerts, encouraging her to develop a true love for the arts. “I’ve been exposed to so much music. Every show I go to, I find myself realizing more and more that this is what I want to do with my life,” she says.

See below for Cutler’s top spots to visit while in New York City.

Power Lunch: There’s an amazing sandwich shop by my studio in the Lower East Side called The Press Shop[6].

Cocktail Hour: Haha I am underage! So my favorite place to get a drink is anywhere that lets me in!

Retail Therapy: A day in Soho definitely could ruin my bank account. The Kith x Nike[7] store is super dope. Also, there are some really cool thrift spots in Brooklyn. I’ve gotten some jerseys at Beacon’s Closet[8].

Field Trip: I’ll go to the American Museum of Natural History[9] any day. It’s so cool.

Date Night: It’s a chain but huge fan of Gyu-Kaku[10]. It’s Japanese BBQ and you get to cook your own food. I always get their strip steak with sautéed spinach and fried rice.

Don’t Miss: The High Line is really cool.

Hidden Gem: This might be really cliché but I love just hanging out in Central Park.

Watch Chelsea’s newly released video for “You Make Me” below.

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