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Drink DuJour: Chai Noon

An afternoon pick-me-up with a kick

Gardënia—a West Village eatery mastering a fusion of Latin and Mediterranean flavors—is the perfect place for an energizing drink. This chai tea and whiskey-infused cocktail takes teatime to the next level.  

“It’s served warm,” says Head Bartender Sonny Nelson. “It’s the perfect beverage to sip on any afternoon—part chai latte and part whiskey.”

DuJour snagged the recipe below. 


2 oz. Chai Tea Whiskey
½ oz. Gran Marnier
1 oz. Brown sugar 
1 oz. Whole milk
Top with cappuccino foam
Grated cinnamon

Heat 1 oz. of brown sugar in a pan until it caramelizes. Add 2 oz. of chai tea-infused whiskey until it ignites. Quickly add an ounce of milk, heat for 30 seconds and remove from heat. Remove from burner and pour into a coffee mug. Top with cappuccino foam and grated cinnamon.