Gadget DuJour: 10 High-Tech Products That Will Change Your Life

by Natasha Wolff | October 10, 2014 8:00 am

Thousands of gadget gurus and tech visionaries descend upon Las Vegas each January for the annual Consumer Electronics Show[1], where brands showcase the latest and greatest in consumer technology. This year, products ranged from driverless cars to bendable televisions—and even a bed that tracks your sleeping patterns. While all the gadgets on offer were strikingly different, they’ll each eventually play a role in altering daily life as a we know it. Here, we’ve selected our top 10 futuristic standouts.


Samsung Bendable TV

Courtesy of sonytomorrow[2]

What it is: An 85-inch 4K television that switches from flat to curved screen with the touch of a button

Price: TBA

Availability: Second half of 2014;


Babolat Play Pure Drive

Courtesy of TOctavio Torres[4]

What it is: A tennis racket embedded with sensors that cull information about the user’s swing, power, endurance, technique and ball impact. The data is sent to a corresponding app, which analyzes the player’s technique and indicates ways to improve.

Price: $399

Availability: Available now. Go to[5] for distributors


Lynx SmartGrill

Courtesy of Lynx Grills

What it is: A voice-activated, app-controlled outdoor grill that automatically adjusts cooking temperatures and timing based on item and user preferences
Price: $7,000

Availability: 2015;[6]


BeoSound Essence

Courtesy of Bang & Olufsen

What it is: A simple, one-touch controller for your speakers

Price: $1,000

Availability: April 2014;[7]


Sleep Number x12 Bed

Courtesy of Sleep Number

What it is: A wi-fi enabled bed that monitors your sleep patterns and scores the quality of your shut-eye, then recommends ways to improve. It also adjusts incline to control snoring and is equipped with under-bed lighting that turns on and off when you get up to go to the bathroom.

Price: Queen-size starts at $8,000

Availability: select markets in February, nationwide in April;[8]


Kolibree Toothbrush

Courtesy of Kolibree

What it is: A “smart” electric toothbrush with three sensors that record information about how long you brush and the quality of your brushing. It syncs wirelessly to your smartphone, sending data about your brushing habits to an app—which can even be shared with your dentist.

Price: $99 – $200

Availability: Pre-order this summer;[9]


BMW M235i

Courtesy of

What it is: A car that drives itself using 360-degree radar, ultrasonic sensors, cameras, electronic braking and steering control
Price: TBA

Availability: TBA


Whirlpool Cooktop Concept

Courtesy of Whirlpool

What it is: A touch-screen, interactive cooking surface that turns a kitchen counter into a stove and a place to read recipes

Price: n/a

Availability: It’s currently just a concept—not a real product—so no word on if it will ever actually go into production.


LG Curved TV

Photograph by LGEPR[10]

What it is: A 105-inch curved, 4K television stocked with features like “Cinema 3D,” which allows viewers to instantly convert 2D shows into 3D.
Price: $70,000

Availability: TBA;[11]


Navia Shuttle

Courtesy of Navia

What it is: An electric, driverless smart shuttle that can transport up to eight passengers. The vehicle maxes out at 12.5 miles per hour, so it will likely only be used in public places like sports arenas and airports.

Price: $250,000

Availability: Currently available in the U.S.;[12]



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