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Drink DuJour: Captain Nemo

Best enjoyed in paradise

In your typical daydream about escaping to a Caribbean oasis, you may not think much about the details. But if you were to fill in the blanks, your fantasy might end up looking something like this: You’re on the isolated island of Jumby Bay, a short boat ride away from the coast of Antigua. Sitting in the newly renovated Estate House restaurant at the Jumby Bay resort, your drink of choice is (obviously) fruity and rum-filled as you look out upon a white sand beach and crystal blue ocean.

It feels imagined compared to your everyday reality, so it’s fitting that your drink takes inspiration from the fanciful story of the mysterious Captain Nemo. “Inspired by the famous novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, we wanted to create an exotic and refreshing cocktail, something Captain Nemo and his crew might have enjoyed after a long journey at sea, and prepared with ingredients picked up along their travels,” says Jumby Bay’s Head Bartender Seon Athill. “The cocktail features Clement Sirop de Canne, a spiced sugar cane syrup, fresh lemon juice, guava and raspberry puree, and Ting, a carbonated beverage popular in the Caribbean. We serve it over crushed ice in a beautiful copper mule mug.”

1/2 oz. Clement Sirop de Canne
1 oz. Fresh lemon juice
2 oz. Guava and raspberry puree
3 oz. Ting

Add all ingredients into service glass. Fill ¾ full with crushed ice. Churn. Top with more crushed ice if required. Garnish with lemon twist.