Drink DuJour: The Black Truffle Martini

by Natasha Wolff | March 20, 2015 4:19 pm

Mixologist Yusef Austin found inspiration for his Black Truffle Martini within the confines of Strip House[1], one of New York’s much lauded steakhouses. Austin, who crafts cocktail recipes for Strip House and other New York hotspots (like Troy Liquor Bar[2] and Dos Caminos[3]), can explain the genesis of the drink in one word: decadence.

“When I think about steakhouses and all the naughty sides, amazing wine and the décor, the blue cheese truffle olives just made sense,” says Austin of his indulgent take on the classic vodka martini. Known as “The Cocktail Architect,” Austin has whipped up drinks for a range of A-list clients, like Tom Ford.

“Salt, truffle, and the super intense smell of the blue cheese just lends itself to an ice cold shaken vodka martini,” he says. And while diners at Strip House tend to sip the libation alongside prime cuts of meat, Austin recommends serving the drink at a wedding or a black tie affair. Below, he shares the recipe.


3 ounces Stoli Elit Vodka
1 Hand-Stuffed Black Truffle Blue Cheese Olive

Pour 3 ounces of Stoli Elit into a Boston Shaker, and then stir for at least one minute. Next, strain into a chilled cocktail glass, then garnish with a skewered truffle mousse stuffed olive. For extra flavor, add shaved truffles to the top of the drink.

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