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Gadget DuJour: $13,000 For the Perfect Pot of Tea

Is the Bkon Craft Brewer better suited for a science fair than your kitchen counter?

If brewing a steamy pot of tea is your form of cozy relaxation, then this gadget is in no way meant for you. Serious tea drinking connoisseurs, on the other hand, may see real potential here. Bkon’s Craft Brewer has the process of creating artful beverages quite literally down to a science. The machine touts the promise of the perfect drink in (much) less time than it takes to simply boil water.

Interested in adding one to your bevy of appliances when it hits the market this month? Here’s what you need to know about the kitchen’s newest power tool.


1. The Brand

Bkon (pronounced beacon) founders Dean and Lou Vastardis developed their company as a reaction to the vast gap between coffee brewing technology and the process of creating the common cup of tea. They began in a makeshift basement lab, but a partnership with Switzerland’s Franke Coffee Systems took the startup to the next level.


2. The Science

The high-tech brewer uses a low boiling temperature and vacuum system of negative pressure infusion cycles to perfectly blend flavor components. And though the machine is initially being marketed to tea drinkers, it will also have the capability to create intricate custom cocktails and coffees. Just throw your ingredients into the clear chamber and let it rip.


3. The Touch Screen

Use the brewer’s touch screen panel to select your beverage, store up to 200 recipes and personalize your cup.


4. The Design

Though low-hanging kitchen cabinets may create a height barrier on your countertop, the structure of the Bkon Brew is otherwise relatively compact. Think: a sleek, modern frame that’s no bigger than an espresso machine.


5. The Time Commitment

From start to finish it takes 60 seconds to brew one cup. Plus, the machine is self-cleaning, so the small tornado that’s whipped up inside its inner chamber takes care of itself.


6. The Availability

A limited amount of brewers will be available in June with full production hitting the market this fall. Get on their radar now to be one of the first in line.



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