A Guide to the Most High-Tech Gadgets on the Market

by Natasha Wolff | April 21, 2015 9:48 am

In today’s age of advancing technology, we’re all looking to get our hands on the latest “smart” device to hit the market, whether it’s the newest version of the iPhone, sophisticated mobile accessories or next generation TVs. Below, DuJour has rounded up the top picks in high-tech gadgetry for the home (think: a $1,000 touch-screen toaster) and office—plus, check out chic wearable tech accessories, top-rated cameras, state-of-the-art headphones and much more. 

Tim Cook’s Apple Watch
Will this techy timepiece take off?

The Robot Revolution is Here
High-tech humanoids are about to hijack the home.

Wearable Tech
The newest versions are far sleeker than the first generation (think: high-end accessories, not house arrest bracelets).

The Ultimate Pair of Headphones
Function meets fashion in Proenza Schouler and Master & Dynamic’s new launch.

High-Tech Products That Will Change Your Life
A self-driving sports car, a grill that cooks meat to perfection and more from Las Vegas’ Consumer Electronic Show.

How to Do (Almost) Everything Faster
9 digital gems that guarantee the swiftest ways to get over jet lag, restock the fridge and more.

The High-Concept Kitchen
Three techy tools every modern home needs—including a $1,000 touch-screen toaster.

Knock on Wood: Rich, Rustic Gadgets
Tired of the corner office? Discover a new landscape with more natural elements. Shop our favorites, here.

Make Your Smartphone Smarter
From funky camera lenses to a chic charging case, here are 10 high-tech attachments you never knew you needed—until now.

Is Samsung’s Gear Fit Right for You?
Here’s how this soon-to-launch fitness tracker measures up against the competition. 

One Powerful Portable Speaker
Bose serves up bold sound in a tiny package. 

A Sharper Image on the Small Screen
Sharp’s new 4K TV is everything you ever wanted from a television. And plenty of things you didn’t know you needed.

When Furniture Designers Do Fitness
Technogym introduces an elegant way to exercise—and Tweet while doing it.

A Fancier iPhone
Thanks to a new luxury line of mobile accessories, your devices will never look the same.

Fashionable Headphones
Thanks to an innovative European brand, listening to music just got a whole lot chicer.

Out-of-the-Box Speakers
[16]These 4 new speakers are anything but square.

6 Simple, Sophisticated Cameras
Zero in on the new cameras that are much more than point-and-shoot.

The 4 Best New iPad Alternatives
Are you souring on Apple (along with investors)? Check out these head-turning new tablets. 

Look, Ma, No Wires! The Coolest New Speakers
With its sleek minimalist design and its ease of use, we might just put one in each room of our home.

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