The Best Summer Cocktail Recipes

by Natasha Wolff | June 9, 2015 2:21 pm

Warm weather means beach trips, poolside barbecues and delicious summertime cocktails. Below, we’ve compiled must-try drinks—think: cucumber martinis, citrus-infused margaritas and watermelon daiquiris—to serve at parties all summer long. So, grab a shaker and raise a glass to summery sips that’ll no doubt become part of your go-to drink menu this season. 

Queen Mother[1]
Cool off with a gin cocktail.

[2]Stella Artois Cidre’s refreshing (and creative) twist on the classic mimosa.

Rosato Spritz
[3]The perfect cocktail to begin a meal.

Lavender Wódka 75
[4]It’s a garden in a glass. 

The Hellfire
[5]A cocktail with a fiery kick.

A Gimlet With A Twist
[6]This vodka-based cocktail strikes the perfect balance between salty and sweet. 

Berry Barracuda
[7]A fruity drink with an earthy twist. 

The Black Truffle Martini
[8]Freshly shaved truffles and stuffed olives add an indulgent twist to a classic cocktail.

[9]The number one cocktail at A-list favorite Zuma.

The Mid-Summer Standouts
[10]From a calamansi-infused shandy to a chocolate mint julep, 5 seriously cool cocktails to savor the last month of the season.

The Bell Boy
[11]Out of NYC’s new Parker & Quinn comes a citrusy summer cocktail with a bold yellow bell pepper zing.

The Caipirinha
[12]Soak in the summer with this Brazillian-based cocktail.

A Surprising Summer Cocktail
[13]Learn how to make The Tremondo from a top chef.

The Empire State
[14]Get into a New York state of mind with this skyscraper-inspired beverage.

The Operetta Punch[15]
For amaretto lovers, the perfect cocktail for the tail-end of summer.

The Pimm’s Cup Bearers[16]
The Third Man’s Eduard Fraunder and Wolfgang Ban share Alphabet City’s answer to the summer cocktail.

Watermelon Daiquiri[17]
This fruity cocktail should be a staple in your summer drink repertoire.

How to Make a Cucumber Martini[18]
A bartender at one hot Manhattan spot shares the secrets of their signature cocktail.

The Fragolita[19]
Find out how to make this strawberry margarita-inspired summer cocktail, just in time for the weekend.

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