Words of Wisdom from Our Moms

by Natasha Wolff | April 29, 2015 12:29 pm

Sydney Wasserman, Market Director

Without outright saying it, my mom taught me to ‘kill them with kindness.’ She is the nicest person in the world and almost always gets what she wants.

Juli Mosoff, Senior Web Producer

I can’t think of any specific words of wisdom that my mother has bestowed upon me. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t give advice—what my mother does is provide support. She has always let me find my own path to happiness, and her neutral attitude helps me to weigh both sides of any issue I encounter while miraculously allowing me to make my own decision on the matter, without judgment. It’s freeing and it taught me to value my own opinion and trust myself, knowing I’ll always have her there as a safety net when I need it.  

Lindsay Silberman, Senior Editor

Everything I know, I learned from my mom. She taught me to never wear perfume on an airplane (it’s rude); that a garlic press is a cook’s secret weapon (I don’t know how I ever lived without one); and to appreciate the preciousness of a good hair day. Most importantly, though, she’s taught me that the greatest things in life aren’t clothes or luxury hotels or handbags—they’re the moments spent at the dinner table. Because if you have your family, a home-cooked meal and a great bottle of wine, you really have everything.

Ivy Pascual, Research Editor

“Health is wealth”  was a phrase my grandmother would always reiterate to her children and grandchildren. When I moved away from home, my mother would always make sure I was eating well and exercising because she believed that as long as you maintain your health, you can do just about anything.

Eden Univer, Digital Editor

Be kind to everyone and everything. This is sort of indirect advice, but I got the gist over the years. She’s the most patient, loving and kind human on the planet. My mom puts spiders in little cups and sets them free outside, and she once noticed that the homeless man who’s often sitting near my apartment building wasn’t wearing socks and she went and bought him a bunch. I can’t think of a better role model.

Meaghan Hartland, Fashion Assistant

My mother taught me from a young age the importance of a signature fragrance, and how different scents can change your mood entirely.

Etta Meyer, Photo Editor

My mother gives wonderful advice in the romance department—which is much-needed in the lives of her decidedly single adult offspring. 

Q: “Mom, where’s a good place to meet a man?”
A: “In the lift line on Aspen Mountain.” 

Q: “I think my beau is losing interest. What should I do?”
A: “Nothing. Time will tell.” 

Q: “Should I take so-and-so back?”
A: “Never reheat old soup.” 

Q: “Mom, I’ve met someone wonderful on this new thing called Tinder.”
A: That’s fine… but does he like to ski??” 

Susanna is an original human whom I love dearly every day and especially on Mother’s Day.

Jessica Khorsandi, Web Assistant

“Embrace your strengths, stay confident and never let anybody bring down your self-esteem.” And “If it comes in navy, buy it.”

Alisha Prakash, Social Media Editor

It’s hard to pick one thing I’ve learned from my mom, so here are a few gems from the woman who holds me together. Don’t sweat the small stuff (a glass of water and phone call to a friend can cure almost anything), embarrassing moments usually turn into great stories later, travel light and always wear comfortable shoes. So far, they’ve had a 100 percent success rate.

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