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Cook Like a Chef

Get inspired to make everything from fresh pasta and mozzarella to slow-cooked barbecue, delicately frosted cupcakes and more at cooking classes around the country

Tommy Lasagna, New York City

Tommy Lasagna

Pasta master and cheese expert Thomas Mosera teaches students how to make mozzarella or pasta from scratch during 90-minute cooking classes at his Gramercy restaurant. At the end of each session, students take home their creations, along with valuable notes and recipes that they can make again and again. Tommy Lasagna is currently featured on Gilt City.   


Give Me Some Sugar, Chicago

Give Me Some Sugar

Give Me Some Sugar

Grab a friend and a bottle of wine for a BYOB Cupcake and Cocktails class—a hands-on tutorial on the kinds of techniques seen on Cupcake Wars. Your baked goods will look like they came from a professional kitchen after taking this class. Plus, students get to take home six cupcakes to share with friends. Give Me Some Sugar is currently featured on Gilt City. 


The Gourmandise School of Sweet & Savories, Los Angeles

The Gourmandise School of Sweet Savories

The Gourmandise School of Sweet Savories

These Santa Monica cooking classes cover everything from tangy preserves and slow-cooked barbecue to Tex Mex-inspired brunch. For each of these classes—from Late Summer Pies to The Perfect Veggie Burger—the chefs focus on using seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. The teaching kitchen is equipped with both traditional and modern equipment, and every class includes plenty of taste testing. The Gourmandise School of Sweet & Savories is currently featured on Gilt City.