DuJour’s Travel Guide to the World’s Coolest Cities

by Natasha Wolff | October 6, 2014 1:49 pm

Traveling to a new-to-you city can be intimidating. There’s so much going on, so much to see and plenty of places to eat. So how can you know what’s worthy of your precious time? That’s where DuJour comes in. We’ve gathered together the best spots to see in the coolest cities in the world, from restaurants and bars to hotels and activities. You’ll spend your time wisely—and when you’re on vacation, every second counts!

Singapore Swing[1]
Where money doesn’t grow on trees, but it might as well.

Kyoto, Refined: Japan’s New Luxe Living[2]
How a city filled with history quietly became a beautiful, modern destination.

Room Request! Brazil’s Hotel Unique[3]
This unique Sao Paulo property is a hotspot for Hollywood’s elite high-end designers. See inside.

The Other Destination[4]
Sip champagne cocktails poolside in Rio one day and take capoeira lessons on the shores of Bahia the next. Here’s where (and how) to side trip from your holiday getaway.

New York vs. Puerto Rico: Polar Vortex Edition[5]
How to hunker down in New York City or explore the less wintery perks of an island just a three-hour flight away.

Rethinking the “Mancation”[6]
More and more men are getting away—together. From boozy bourbon trails to a male-centric spa retreat, here are four trip ideas for every group of guys. 

5 Kid-Friendly Destinations[7]
These escapes—from Vail, Colorado to Mykonos, Greece—will delight the whole family.

Ryan Seacrest Shows Some Southern Hospitality[8]
One of TV’s favorite talking heads shares favorites from his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

Rediscovering Vietnam[9]
Culture rich and postcard perfect, a regal country gets new life.

Hotel’s Chic New Shared Spaces[10]
Hotels have gone beyond their rooms to create compelling communal areas for guests to enjoy.

Morocco: An Insider’s Guide[11]
The shops, hotels, restaurants and hotspots are making Morocco sizzle right now.

Antwerp At It Again[12]
New exhibits highlight history and fashion in Belgium’s edgiest city. What’s worth your attention—and how to plan a trip—here.

Canada Gold: The Montreal Tour[13]
The definitive guide to a springtime weekend in Montreal, where DuJour‘s Cities Editor discovered carby feasts, inviting wine bars and bagels that rival New York City’s.

Scenic Tout: The Most Spectacular Hotel Views[14]
Where to check in (and we mean down to the suite number) to check out some of the world’s most beautiful, breathtaking views.

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