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It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere…

These spirited companies bring the bar to your door

Flaviar, San Francisco
With monthly spirits sample subscriptions and carefully curated boxes, Flaviar makes it easier to taste-test on a global level—and discover your favorite. Delivered to your door, each package includes five handpicked, 45-milliliter bottled spirits arranged by theme, like small-batch rum, American whiskeys or Spanish brandies. Since they arrive with guided tasting instructions, you’ll know how to truly appreciate every sip. Best of all, each package is enough for three people to enjoy—so whether you want to explore new brands or are looking to expand your cocktail horizons, Flaviar is a worthy investment for your liquor cabinet. Flaviar is currently available on Gilt City.

Andegavia, National
Along the Loire Valley lies Andegavia, one of the original wine growing regions in Western France. It’s here that wine was once stored and shipped in large barrels or “casks,” creating the inspiration for Gavin and Kelly Macomber to start their company. The husband-wife team is bringing back cask-style wine packaging, favoring eco-friendly boxes over traditional bottles. Andegavia’s merlot, pinot noir, sauvignon blanc and more are sourced from top vineyards and estates in Napa and Sonoma. Equivalent to four bottles of wine, casks stay fresh for up to four weeks, allowing for greater flexibility in your consumption. Blind taste tests even confirm that Andegavia’s wines taste exactly the same as the bottled versions, giving you all the more reason to go for the cask. Andegavia is currently available on Gilt City.

Merchants of Beverage, National
A stylish destination for wine, spirits and champagne, Merchants of Beverage will help you drink better at home. By maintaining personal relationships with artisans around the world, the site has access to some of the best possible bottles, from Borgogno Barolo and Krug Champagne to Grosperrin Cognac and Samaroli whisky. For a twist on the traditional stocking stuffer, Merchants of Beverage also offers a variety of cocktail kits. The Manhattan kit features bourbon, sweet vermouth, bitters and maraschino cherries, while the A Bigger, Better Gin & Tonic kit comes with Spirit Works and Bainbridge gin as well as Small Hand Foods tonic syrup. Merchants of Beverage is currently available on Gilt City.