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by Natasha Wolff | February 10, 2016 10:07 am

Barton & Gray Mariners Club—with yachts stationed in 16 premier harbors, including New York, the Hamptons[1], Palm Beach, Miami and Martha’s Vineyard—was founded 10 years ago by longtime boating enthusiasts[2] Tim Barton and Douglas Gray. And this month, they will expand to include new outposts in Nassau and Harbour Island. 

The club’s mission is to provide members the blissful experience of yachting[3] on a crewed, catered vessel without any of the hassle that comes with ownership. Perhaps best of all is Barton & Gray[4]’s expansive fleet of boats made by Hinckley, known for building some of the finest yachts in the world. “Hinckley yachts are such a classic American vessel, not only visually striking but also really practical for Barton & Gray’s variety of outings,” explains co-founder and CMO Doug Gray. Their collection includes models ranging from the Picnic Boat Classic to the Talarias 38, 40 and 44. (The Talaria 40 is a member favorite.)

Barton & Gray’s Lilly Pulitzer-themed Hinckley yacht

The idea for the mariners’ club came about after Messrs. Barton and Gray, who both worked in the tech industry, recognized the burgeoning opportunities of the sharing economy alongside the fact that it’s typically more enjoyable to be a guest than a host when boating. “At some point a light bulb went off in Tim’s head,” says Barton. “Four months later we splashed our first Hinckley in Nantucket.”

The typical member, according to the founders, is someone at the peak of their career, with very little time for leisure. So they like to make the most of the time they can spend with family and friends. There are three levels of membership, with increasing benefits: Ensign ($25,000/year), Lieutenant ($37,500/year) and Admiral ($50,000/year), all with a $10,000 initiation fee.

In addition to their Bahamas expansion this month, Barton & Gray will be extending their service area to include Watch Hill, Rhode Island, this summer. 

“The overwhelming majority of our members have never operated a boat, and never will,” says Barton. “Our members are very social and family oriented, and they love the platform for meaningful, quality time.”

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