Aubrey Peeples’ Guide to Nashville

by Natasha Wolff | March 30, 2016 10:00 am

For four seasons, fans have been following the drama on ABC’s Nashville[1], and rising country star Layla Grant—played by 22-year-old Florida native Aubrey Peeples—has seen more than her fair share. 

Luckily, Peeples herself seems to have a far less theatrical life than her character. The actress, who got her start on stage and has gone on to star in big-deal films including the recent Jem & The Holograms featureseems perfectly at home in Nashville, which makes sense considering she’s also a musician. 

“It’s so easy to get involved here,” explains Peeples. “Everyone wants to help each other, see each other succeed and just collaborate. So, in that way it’s one of the most creative places I’ve ever seen and I have discovered a huge part of myself here.” 

That isn’t the only thing she’s discovered. Here, Peeples shares her favorite Nashville spots. 

Far East

“My favorite restaurant is Far East. It’s so good. The best Pho in town by far! I’ve always loved calamari and it’s just very lightly fried. I ask for the lemon sauce on the side.”
1008 Fatherland Street;[2] 

The Southern

“Brunch is huge here! I always take people to The Southern because I like that they have a gypsy jazz trio. Their menu is really good. They’re mainly known for their steak, oysters and expensive whiskey[3], but get the hot chicken and waffles!”
150 3rd Avenue South #110;[4]


“Lately I’ve been eating almost all vegan, aside from occasionally eating fish when I go out. But, I have admittedly cheated once or twice here. It’s the burger in town.”
411 Gallatin Avenue;[5]

The Pinewood Social

“I love Pinewood Social. It’s the epitome of where Nashville is going, restaurant wise. It’s gourmet food[6] with a late-night bowling alley in the back. It has every element. It’s industrial looking and there are couches everywhere, but then there are also private rooms. You can rent out a karaoke space. It’s just very hip and totally a must go-to place.”
33 Peabody Street;[7] 


“When our cast first met each other, we used to go to 308 pretty frequently. I just love that place because it’s covered in book pages. I am a huge book nerd. Finally, a bar I can read in and not feel weird! All the tables are covered in pages from the owner’s favorite books.”
407 Gallatin Avenue;[8]

The Ryman

“The Ryman is the best venue you’ll ever see a show in, hands down. It’s not referred to as ‘The Church of Music’ for nothing. It’s so magical. Every show I have seen there has been amazing.”
116 5th Avenue North;[9] 

Station Inn

“It’s super country, but they also support rising artists. It is intimate, with a handful of red and white-checkered tables and a menu comprised only of pizza and beer. Get there early, it fills up fast!”
402 12th Avenue South;[10]

Carter Vintage Guitars

“I bought an amp there pretty recently. I just love to go and look at all of the guitars. Some of them belong to really famous artists. Any musician must go here, and no other option compares. The people who own it, Walt and Christie, are the most amazing people. I want to grow up and be a couple like that.”
625 8th Ave South;[11]

Bookman Bookwoman

“It’s one of those bookstores where it’s just stacked from floor to ceiling. They have beautiful old copies of books in box covers. It’s just great.”
1713 21st Ave South;[12] 

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