Dance Classes for Adults

by Natasha Wolff | February 12, 2015 12:17 pm

Extra Pirouette, New York

The grace, beauty and pure fun of ballet are on offer thanks to Extra Pirouette, the dancing academy led by Anastasia Erchov. A graduate of the esteemed Vaganova Ballet Academy in Saint Petersburg, Erchov now lends her considerable talents to teaching others. Both children and adults, beginners and seasoned ballerinas can benefit from her gentle guidance. Unlike many ballet schools that subject students to endless barre work and other exercises, Extra Pirouette focuses on actual dancing. Erchov even creates choreography specially designed to give each pupil the best possible experience. With more than two decades of offering ballet instruction to Americans—and to aspiring dancers around the world—Erchov knows how to make any student feel confident and engaged in this timeless art. Extra Pirouette is now available on Gilt City.[1]

Dance classes for adults

Arthur Murray Dance Center, Boston

The Arthur Murray story began in 1912, when the instructor and entrepreneur began selling mail order dance lessons. It wasn’t long before Murray was well known for his lessons; his roster of students included Eleanor Roosevelt and John D. Rockefeller, among others. His company continued to expand into a dance studio franchise armed with Murray’s original slogan, “If you can walk, we teach you how to dance.” Today, instructors at Arthur Murray Dance Centers all around Boston teach students his signature moves. You can learn to cha cha, tango, rumba and even hustle like a professional. No matter your age or skill level, the world-class teachers will guide you through the foundations of each dance, working on your variety, technique and footwork. Arthur Murray Dance Center is now available on Gilt City.[2]

Get On The Floor Dance Company, Chicago

After winning several competitions and accolades, as well as teaching at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio and Summerdance at Grant Park, ballroom dancer Steven Nasshan opened his own studio in 2011. Now, Nasshan and his team teach clients of all skill levels at the downtown studio in North Center. Nasshan, along with his studio manager Franny Streder, want to share the joy of ballroom dancing with as many people as possible. Whether you’d like a choreographed first dance for your wedding or just want to have fun, Get On The Floor has classes for you. The company also offers children’s lessons, community events and social dance parties. Get On The Floor Dance Company is now available on Gilt City.[3]

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