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Drink DuJour: Tartufo Speciale

Truffle-lovers need to try this extremely luxurious cocktail

Gastronomes with even the most jaded palates appreciate the pungent earthiness of rare truffle, the underground fungus that is considered the diamond of luxury cuisine. These days, truffle-infused cocktails are entering the beverage scene with overwhelming fanfare, and A Voce’s signature drink, Tartufo Speciale, combines the decadence of black truffles with sweet and aromatic flavors for nothing short of a memorable cocktail. The unique creation features house-infused black truffle vermouth, a bourbon aged 10 years, black truffle syrup, bourbon-honey-pickled black truffles and a white truffle honey rimmed glass.

“We rim only half of the glass to create two different experiences,” explains A Voce Beverage Director Olivier Flosse. “One when you drink from the rimmed side, as you taste the honey as you sip, and the other when you smell the honey as you are drinking from the other side.”

Try it out for yourself and see why this cocktail is a favorite among truffle cognoscenti. Recipe below.



2.5 oz Michters 10 yr Bourbon
1 oz truffle infused Foro Vermouth
1 oz Carpano Antica Vermouth
0.5 oz black truffle syrup
Bourbon honey pickled black truffle
White Truffle Honey Rim

Combine all ingredients in mixing glass over ice and stir well. Rim half of martini glass with white truffle honey. Garnish with single slice of black truffle stuck to honey rim.



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