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6 of the Most Gorgeous Game Tables for Grown-ups

Gaming’s not just for kids anymore—six great high-concept game tables

When former Silicon Valley designer Scot Herbst (who most notably developed the HP TouchSmart) unveiled a new—and incredibly gorgeous—foosball table for CB2 (below), DuJour got to thinking: Why should kids have all the fun? Below, six beautifully-designed game tables you’ll be proud to play on or display.

Phoos Foosball Table

by Scot Herbst for CB2

Nottage Poker Table

Starting at $42,000

by Nottage Design 

Gold-Plated Pool Table

Price upon request
by Nottage Design


90 Minuto Foosball Table

Price upon request
by Adriano Design


Arclight Ping-Pong Table

Starting at $11,000
by 11 Ravens


11 The Beautiful Game Foosball Table

Starting at €48,500
by 11 The Game