24 Hours With Lauren Stephens and Kaki McGrath of Dudley Stephens

by Natasha Wolff | November 16, 2021 2:00 pm

Dudley Stephens[1], the cult favorite, family-owned and operated fashion brand uses fleece to elevate everyday clothing pieces. As a brand built on functional, fashionable fleece, Dudley Stephens offers reimagined everyday pieces created using innovative recycled fabrics. Launched in 2015 by sisters Lauren Stephens (who handled celebrity dressing and VIP relations at Calvin Klein[2] and Gucci[3]) and Kaki McGrath (who brings a background in sports and entertainment marketing) with their mother, Bonnie, the line has grown from its signature Cobble Hill Turtleneck, to tops, dresses, outerwear and accessories for women, children and men. We spent a day in Connecticut with Stephens and McGrath to get the scoop on their in-demand brand and what a typical day looks like for the co-founders and busy mothers.

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