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Gadget DuJour: Beauty in High-Concept Design

Tomorrow’s fanciest gadgets are already here. (We didn’t say they were the most practical)

So maybe you’re not in the market for a carbon fiber 3D printer, or a gold stapler hand-crafted in Milan—but it doesn’t hurt to look, right? Here are six eye-pleasing gadgets that define high-concept design.


Standard iPhone earbuds feel like an afterthought compared to this pair, from headphone heavyweight Shure. The sound quality and ergonomic design justify the hefty price tag. SE846 Sound Isolating Earphones, $999, Shure, shure.com


This aluminum 3D printer is the first of its kind. Rather than being limited to printing plastic like preexisting machines, the Mark One can print in carbon fiber, fiberglass, nylon and more. Available for pre-order. Mark One Carbon Fiber 3D Printer, $4,999, MarkForged, markforged.com


No chic office is complete without a midcentury modern gold stapler, manufactured by a tiny four-man factory in Milan. Klizia 97 stapler, $60, Ellepi, handeyesupply.com

Just uttering the word “subwoofer” conjures up the image of an electronic eyesore. But industrial designer Joey Roth set out to change that—and did so successfully—with his speaker system made of white glazed porcelain, cork and Baltic birch. Complete system including subwoofer, speakers and amp, $1095, Joey Roth, joeyroth.com


These minimalist magnetic LED lights attach to the front and rear of your bike and are small enough to toss in your pocket after your ride is over. Lucetta Magnetic Bike Lights, $34, Pizzolo Russo, pizzolorusso.com


The engineering geniuses at Harman Kardon are always at the forefront of cutting-edge design. Prime example: the new Aura wireless speaker system that looks great and sounds even better. Available for pre-order. Aura Wireless Speaker System, $399.95, Harman Kardon, harmankardon.com



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