Stunning Wine Cellar Spaces

by Natasha Wolff | July 29, 2016 3:00 pm

In the past, wine cellars[1] were hidden away in basements, intended more for functionality rather than aesthetics. But now, the latest trend in design changes everything. “Today we design wine cellars as a focal point within entertaining areas on the main floor,” says interior designer Lori Morris[2].

The secret to a stunning wine cellar? Incorporate the room seamlessly into the home. “The aesthetic details need to blend in with the home’s personality,” says Morris. “It gives you the opportunity to be more creative than before—adding high gloss lacquers, unique metal finishes and beautiful tiles.”

But, homeowners must still prepare themselves for the infrastructure required to maintain a large-scale wine cellar. “Sometimes we even put a secondary, more functional cellar in the basement to store additional bottles. But for the main cellar, it’s great to showcase your collection and highlight unique, vintage bottles,” she says.

Here, Morris shares some of the most extravagant wine cellars she designed and what makes each one so unique. 

The Four Seasons wine cellar

“This wine cellar is set in a very formal condo in downtown Toronto at the Four Seasons. We wanted something sophisticated and elegant. I used high gloss cream lacquer, marble floors with inlaid brass detailing and an Art Deco design on the ceiling to bring it to life. The 18th century brass chandelier took this space to a new level—it’s one of my favorites.” 

Lori Morris wine cellar

“This one has a very slick and modern design. We wanted something classic that would still evoke a sexy and provocative personality. The dark walnut wood frames the cellar, and the black lacquer and black tiles showcase the vintage view. It’s a really timeless design.” 

Lori Morris wine room

“I designed this wine tasting room to elevate the wine enjoyment[3] experience. The chocolate brown leather chairs and banquettes elicit old world sophistication with modern flavor. I love how the bronze hula-hoop light fixtures flank the table to showcase the dark, sexy mood of the space.”

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