Tom Scheerer’s Style: Relaxed Modernism

by Natasha Wolff | March 1, 2013 12:00 am

Whether it’s a chic New York residence, a cozy farmhouse or a tropical oasis, there is no environment interior designer Tom Scheerer isn’t able to improve upon. Scheerer, whose projects have included the famously exclusive Lyford Cay Club in the Bahamas and a Colorado home for a former Gucci CEO, has been known to bring some humanity and country flare to urban residences[1], but he doesn’t stick to only cities. In recent years, Scheerer has been doing more work in the Caribbean, something he certainly doesn’t mind. The designer is drawn to the barefoot charm of island life and has a home of his own on Harbour Island, Bahamas. “You have a lot more freedom when you decorate in the tropics,” he says. “There are a lot of issues that come up when you’re doing city or country houses that don’t come up here.”

Many years ago, Scheerer coined a term to define his aesthetic: Relaxed Modernism. His interiors make use of both modern and traditional furniture but the end result yields interiors that have a fresh sensibility. Scheerer explains, “I like to mix it up.” To achieve his famously seamless marriage of modern and traditional, vintage and new, Scheerer views design as a holistic discipline and believes that “more than anything, the most important thing in decorating is be appropriate.” This mantra is something he preaches to all his clients and attempt to achieve by focusing on the all-important subliminal aspects of a design. Another focus of Scheerer’s technique is to be appropriate in a way that doesn’t veer towards cliché. For example, Sheerer says, “If I’m going to do a beach house, I try not to use sea horse lamps and starfish mirrors.”

While you might not see any sea horses, you’ll be sure to find dazzlingly florals and warm yet stylish living spaces. Click through the gallery for a look inside.

Tom Scheerer Decorates (Vendome) is available September 10, 2013.[2]

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