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How Lady Tina Green’s well-appointed yacht turned into a lifestyle collection for a luxury crystal maker

Walk onto the second floor of 133 Fifth Avenue, and you might wonder whether some of the pieces displayed in front of you—the reflection-capturing ivory bar or the three-tiered chrome chandelier, for instance—are untouchable works of art or buyable pieces of furniture. Technically, they’re the latter; you’re standing in one of Lalique‘s newest interior design showrooms. But the intricate, enviable pieces fit easily into either category—and your living room.

The company known for its crystal has been rebranding itself as a lifestyle atelier, and recently opened showrooms in New York and Chicago displaying its classic furniture collection, Orgue lighting collection and the bespoke offerings of its Interior Design Studio. Also featured is Lalique Maison, the new collection of Art Deco-inspired furniture, bed linens and accessories designed by Pietro Mingarelli and Lady Tina Green.

“Their 250-piece collection is a natural extension of the brand’s crystal heritage, with every component numbered, certified and signed, hand-crafted with meticulous attention to the smallest detail,” says Monaco-based interior designer Lady Green, who’s also the wife of British high street tycoon Sir Philip Green (of Topshop fame). Below, Lady Green shares more with DuJour.

How did you get involved with Lalique and how did it turn into designing a lifestyle collection?

Mr. Silvio Denz, the owner of Lalique, saw a 63m Benetti yacht which was designed by us. We used many Lalique crystal pieces which we integrated into the furniture, staircase and flooring. He was very impressed at how we were able to embrace the Lalique culture into an elegant and yet warm, homey environment. Silvio, who had recently bought Lalique, wanted to reach a wider clientele and asked Pietro and I to design a small range of Lalique furniture and soft furnishings for the home.

When you and Pietro created Lalique Maison, what was your vision for the concept?

Although René Lalique is famous for his crystal, he also had a passion for designing furniture. We wanted to bring his vision and the 20th century Art Deco period into timeless 21st century classics.

What about Art Deco captivates you?

I have always been influenced by the elegance of the period because it has both hard and soft lines. It exudes calm, timelessness and luxury.

It took two-and-a-half years to develop the collection. What was the biggest challenge? How did you know what pieces should be included?

We never thought that we would get to a point of designing 250 pieces. Our first collection was at Maison Objet in 2010 where we had a credenza, three lamps, three sets of cushions and a cashmere throw! From there the whole collection has evolved. Every six months we created another item for each show, which led us into a range for the bedroom, bar area, dining and lounge to a full home range, sufficient to furnish a whole house.

Have you come across any surprising Lalique Maison clients?

Lalique Maison clients have been evolving. The brand now appeals to a new and younger international clientele who have realized that Lalique has come into a new and modern age. They love the fact that they can enjoy living with timeless classics by putting their beautiful pieces—such as crystal or cushion—onto our range of furniture.

With your eye for interior design and elegant furnishings, we’re curious: What’s the most beautiful space you’ve seen?

The Forbidden City in Beijing. The intricate Imperial Palace and red-walled pavilions, created centuries ago during the Ming Dynasty, are truly breathtaking.



New York
133 Fifth Avenue, second floor

222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 6129


A Look at the Collections

Dragon Bar in Ivory Ash. Mike Burns Photography

Raisins Bed and Bedside Table in Ivory Ash, Femme Bras Leves Lamp, Lucca Vase. Mike Burns Photograph

Raisins Bedcover in Ivory Silk with Glass Silver Beads, Hirondelles Cushion in Ivory Silk with Silver Beads. Mike Burns Photograph

Bar Femme Bras Leves in Ivory Ash. Mike Burns Photograph

Orgue Chandelier, medium and large. Courtesy of Lalique.



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