Kelly Wearstler: Design Star

by Natasha Wolff | August 27, 2012 10:45 am

“I never thought I’d use breasts as a decorative object,” says interior designer Kelly Wearstler[1], in reference to a recent decor scheme. “But it works when you have them in marble.” Of course, that’s Wearstler’s style in a nutshell: brazen, glamorous and cheekily over-the-top. The L.A.-based designer has made a name for herself with decadent, retro-leaning interiors that can be found at boutique hotels like the Viceroys[2] and Maison 140[3].

From where does Wearstler’s singular creative vision come? That’s the question at the heart of her new coffee-table tome Rhapsody [4](Rizzoli), which delves into Wearstler’s inspirations and design process. Taking cues from her colorful blog, My Vibe, My Life[5], the book tags along with Wearstler to various professional pursuits (shopping auction houses, making sculpture). Along the way, readers get glimpses into the designer’s latest projects and images of never-before-photographed interiors.

For her part, Wearstler credits clients, projects and, perhaps most, travel with her stirring creative juices. “I recently traveled to Paris and was so inspired by the street style.” Could Kelly Wearstler berets be imminent?

Photos Courtesy of Kelly Wearstler (2)

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