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Decorate Your Home With Swarovski

Discover how you can create a chic holiday style with a little bit of dazzle

There are endless possibilities when it comes to holiday décor. You can opt for bright and vibrant, featuring colorful lights and quirky accessories. Or, you can head down Melania’s haunting avenue, featuring blood red trees seemingly inspired by The Shining. For Swarovski’s Creative Director, Nathalie Colin, holiday décor should be glamorous, sparkly and tasteful. Incorporating your existing interior design aesthetic into the holiday season can be done, and you’ll feel more comfortable in the end. “Our home is our nest and should definitely be the place we feel good, happy, reassured and cozy. Therefore, trust your own taste,” Colin says.

Swarovski Creative Director, Nathalie Colin

Swarovski Creative Director, Nathalie Colin

By amplifying your personal style with hints of holiday cheer, your home can be transformed into a cheerful winter escape, rather than a cheesy wonderland. Incorporating Swarovski into your décor can be super glamorous or on the more playful side, depending on where your style lands. Colin explains that the holidays are typically traditional and maintaining authenticity should be a priority. “I always tend to emphasize what makes the season personal to me, especially when decorating the tree. I like to incorporate an element of surprise to make it truly unique and mine.”

Gingerbread Couple Ornament Set

Colin adds that one of her top gifts for 2018 is the 2018 Annual Edition Star Ornament from Swarovski. The ornament is reminiscent of the pure beauty of snowflakes, something that has always inspired her. “The ornament features an intricate design and is made from multiple crystal stones for a combined total of 156 facets,” Colin explains.

2018 Annual Edition Star Ornament from Swarovski

2018 Annual Edition Star Ornament from Swarovski

While this dazzling ornament is a fabulous holiday gift, you can also opt for something even more personal: jewelry. Colin admits she loves to gift her friends Swarovski jewelry from her own collections. From statement earrings to simple lines, you can find an accessory for all of your most stylish loved ones. “The Louison line has the power to transform even most simple outfit into a breathtaking look, with a design that reminds us of frozen, icy leaves sparkling in the winter sun,” she says. For someone with a classic style, Colin suggests the timeless Creativity line, featuring delicate silhouettes and perfect chandelier earrings.

Creativity Line

From Swarovski jewelry to ornaments, the brand has aced the holiday season. See below for Nathalie Colin’s top three tips for perfecting your holiday decorations.

1. Develop an Overall Color and Style Scheme

Try to focus on a few harmonious colors. The key for sophisticated decorating is to follow one theme, and to not include too many elements in different styles. Every year, I design a new concept for the Christmas tree, almost like how I follow a design process for a new jewelry collection. It can be truly winter-like, with artificial snow and an all-white tree, or a more glamorous version in total gold. This year, it is rose gold for me: from the sparkling garlands to the crystal ornaments and decorations.

2. Adapt Trends to Fit Your Personal Style

I have never been a fan of rules. I will continue to adopt what I find stylish, cool, and on-trend in both my jewelry collections and home décor. Swarovski offers many decorative options that will fit many home décor styles. Holiday decorations can be playful, like the gingerbread couple, candy cane and Santa’s hat ornaments, or super sophisticated by using clear crystal decorations so that the light shimmers or the ornament. If you want to keep things minimal, hang Swarovski’s shooting star in a window or on a wreath. Another option is the brand’s sparkling champagne flutes, which feature brilliant crystalline stones – perfect for the holiday season.

Swarovski Crystalline Toasting Flutes

3. Create Surprising Moments in Your Home

When starting to introduce holiday decorations to your home décor, try not to decorate a whole room but rather a specific place. The key to maintaining overall chic décor is to not transform your entire home into a Christmas window, but choose locations, such as around the chimney or a specific table, where you can add bold, opulent decoration elements.