A Window to Hermès

by Natasha Wolff | June 10, 2013 12:00 am

Fotis Evans has become known for his conceptual pieces of furniture that blend artistry with function and now, he can add window dresser to his ever-expanding resume. Hermès has tapped the young designer to outfit their New York flagship[1] store windows with five displays built into abstract forms using classical furnishings.

Using materials like porcelain and black lacquer, Evans also looked to inspirational images from the new book titled Thomas Jefferson’s Paris Walks, a photographic exploration of places once wandered by Jefferson while living in the City of Lights. Evans’ design is meant to give the passerby a visual tour of what happens when different materials come together to create one piece of art, such as the old wood from book sellers on the Seine river and decorative, elaborate French furniture in the more expensive boutiques—all of which would have been seen on one of Jefferson’s strolls.

At the very base of the installation is the 2013 Hermès theme, “The Sporting Life,”[2] which celebrates a luxurious and creatively inclined idea of the outdoors. Evans’ windows draw on artistic and sculptural interpretations of outdoor exploration and discovery, all part of the storied Hermès identity. The installations are beautifully crafted and intreaguing even at a passing glance, turning the sidewalk into gallery space. On this block of Madison Avenue, window shopping just got a whole lot more interesting.

Take a look at our DuJour gallery to see the window displays.

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