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XYLØ, The Brother-Sister Duo You Need to Know

With a ten-year age gap, this pair of musical siblings are a force to be reckoned with

Chase and Paige Duddy aren’t your typical set of siblings. Unless you consider touring with The Naked and Famous, producing vocals for The Chainsmokers’ song “Setting Fires,” and performing at this year’s Electric Forest Festival typical brother-sister activities.

The electronic music duo started out when Chase was working as a composer/producer out in Los Angeles. He had been tasked with the project of creating the campaign video for Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s PacSun clothing line. “I asked Paige to sing on the track and we ended up writing a bunch of music together and everything just clicked,” Chase says of the fortuitous collaboration with his younger sister.

The pair started working on music together in their free time for the next few months. When the Kendall and Kylie campaign video was released, they knew they were onto something good. “As an artist, you have to have some sort of self-confidence to keep trucking forward, but in the beginning you really don’t know if you’re crazy or not,” Chase admits. “When the video was released, we were getting so much positive feedback; it totally validated us and pumped us up.”

From there, they formed XYLØ. As I’m chatting with these bubbly siblings, I come to find out that the band’s name is somewhat of a family heirloom, which only makes sense for these two. “Back in the 70’s when you could start making personalized license plates, my Grandfather had his read ‘XYLO.’ He’s a percussionist and all of his musician friends were getting different instruments on theirs so he got ‘XYLO,’ short for xylophone,” vocalist Paige says of the name of the band. “My mom always thought it was such a rad name and when it came to naming the band, I immediately thought of it.” 

Although naming the band was a no-brainer, this duo does face some challenges as a result of their shared last name. “I think we butt heads as much as any other business partners but since we are brother and sister, when we fight, we think it’s the end of the world,” Paige says of their relationship. “We’re ten years apart, so we didn’t really grow up with each other. When Chase was 20 years old living in L.A. I was ten; totally different lifestyles. I think that’s why the music works though, it’s like, two worlds combined,” she says.

“For me, the challenge is figuring out how to say things to Paige as her brother but also as her band mate,” Chase chimes in. “As siblings you normally have no filter but we don’t really go there because we don’t want to mess all this up,” he adds. 

So far, they’ve done a pretty good job at not messing it all up. XYLØ recently played Electric Forest Festival in Michigan, one of their largest festival credits to-date. Their recently released video for “I Still Wait For You” has garnered over 260 thousand views in just two weeks. The video, directed by Daniel Iglesias Jr., allows the band to explore a different side to them while complementing the song’s up-tempo vibe.

XYLØ is set to embark on their first headlining tour this fall and will be busy in the studio creating new music until then. “We draw a lot of inspiration from hip-hop and alternative music. I’m also really inspired by Lorde and Lana del Rey at the moment. I think they’re both bad asses and sexy and tasteful. They have a pop-sound but there’s also this dark edge to them,” Paige says.

Chase adds to his sister’s sentiment saying, “When you first start out, you need a muse to point you in the right direction. For us, it was Lorde, Lana del Rey, Kanye West and Phantogram. Those were our top four inspirations.” Although you can hear rumblings of these artists within XYLØ’s music, it’s safe to say they have their own unique sound. 

You can find Chase and Paige Duddy performing on their first headlining tour beginning Fall 2017 as well as celebrating birthdays and holidays together.