On Location with Winter Ave Zoli

by Natasha Wolff | November 10, 2015 12:00 pm

For plenty of the actors on Legends[1], TNT’s series about undercover FBI operations, filming a season in Prague[2] was a chance to get away. For series star Winter Ave Zoli, it was a homecoming. “I grew up in Prague,” Zoli says from her adopted hometown of Los Angeles. “I’m half Czech, and when I was 12 my family moved over there to start a business. I was there for middle school and high school. This was a great opportunity for me to be able to be home for an extended period of time again and to see my family.”

Of course that’s not all Zoli, who plays the police officer Gabrielle Miskova on the series, was up to. Having joined Legends in its second season, she kept busy establishing her character as one of the program’s most compelling. “There is quite a lot of time hopping on the show—not in a science fiction way, but we switch up between 2001 and 2013,” she explains. “Back in 2001, my character was a detective, but in the present day, she is the head of the police department. She is much higher up and has more power—but she’s also dealing with a whole new slew of problems.”

Luckily, Zoli’s job isn’t as taxing. And when things do get rough on set, Zoli says she can always count on a little extra TLC. “I started having pictures taken of me being given a chair because they would just bring me a chair in the middle of the set so I could sit in between takes,” she says, referencing the behind-the-scenes image she shared with DuJour. “I never asked for it, but I would be standing around talking and all of a sudden there was a chair next to me in the middle of the set. Someone just brought me a chair and was like, ‘Here have a seat.’”

It’s only fair considering Zoli did double duty as both actress and also volunteer tour guide. “I gave my cast mates lots of recommendations,” she says. “We didn’t get to go out together much because everyone’s schedules were coinciding, but I always offering my advice.”

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