Showstoppers: Will Swenson

by Natasha Wolff | December 13, 2022 12:00 pm

Having grown up a “massive” fan of the singer, Will Swenson has always kept a pretty good Neil Diamond impression in his back pocket. “I’ve been known to break it out at parties or the occasional cabaret night,” says the actor. “I guess word got around.” Swenson will get his chance to break it out every night in his role as the “Sweet Caroline” singer in A Beautiful Noise[1], which just opened at the Broadhurst Theatre. (Swenson’s wife, Audra McDonald, will be working around the corner at the James Earl Jones Theatre in a production of Adrienne Kennedy’s Ohio State Murders[2].) The truth is, Swenson didn’t have to learn much when it came to the 25 Diamond songs he sings. “I knew every single song in our show by heart long before this musical ever got dreamed up. Those songs are in my bones.”

  1. A Beautiful Noise:
  2. Ohio State Murders:

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