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Video Premiere: “Say No More” by Fickle Friends

Watch the video for this bright pop-infused track that will be sure to give you all the nostalgic vibes

The indie pop band Fickle Friends arrived on the scene from Brighton, London back in 2013 complete with their quirky personality and colorful style. The five-piece group offers a unique sound that glitters with synths and retro 80’s vibes. With the release of the video for “Say No More,” Fickle Friends gives fans a true inside look into their lives on the road. “Say No More” immediately evokes feelings of saccharine nostalgia, as the camera follows the band across the country to three sold-out shows.

Fickle Friends is gearing up to release You Are Someone Else (Versions), which will feature special acoustic versions of several tracks from the original album, including a reimagined acoustic version of “Say No More.”

Fickle Friends

Fickle Friends

On the video for “Say No More,” front woman Natti Shiner says, “Jack [Wilson] got a new hobby. He bought a camera and documented our time over in the States a few weeks ago. We loved all his footage so much he made it into a video. It just seemed to fit “Say No More” so perfectly because it’s about escapism and getting perspective by living somewhere new.” The footage follows Fickle Friends across the country as they play three sold out shows. Albeit at times from glamorous, the video gives an inside look into the band’s lifestyle that is infectiously cool and candid, just like them. The home video aspect offers nostalgic vibes that perfectly compliment the band’s playfully retro musical style. Though we were already obsessed with “Say No More,” the video completely enhances our obsession. Watch the official video below.

Main image credit: Instagram.com