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Listen With a New Stylish and Smart Marshall Speaker

The Uxbridge Voice is the latest speaker to join Marshall’s roster of powerful listening devices

Music has been a huge saving grace over the past several weeks of being quarantined due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Having your favorite songs breeze through your home while you complete your at-home workout, clean and organize your linen closet for the fourth time, or enjoy a digital happy hour has a way of lifting spirits.

Legendary headphone and speaker brand Marshall has been creating rock star quality products for over five decades, and is constantly building on the impressive sound quality and technology it incorporates into each and every product. The latest speaker to join the iconic Marshall family is the Uxbridge Voice with Amazon Alexa (Google Assistant coming soon). Available on April 8, the Uxbridge Voice is compact and easy to move from room to room within your home, but is also part of Marshall’s multi-room system so you can connect to your other multi-room Marshall speakers to create a cohesive sound system throughout your entire home.

Uxbridge Voice with Amazon Alexa

Uxbridge Voice with Amazon Alexa

As far as other multi-room speakers go, we love how the Stanmore II Voice can make a large impact in terms of design and works for a larger entertaining space, while the Uxbridge Voice fits effortlessly into a more intimate space such as your home office or bedroom.

By integrating Amazon Alexa into the Uxbridge Voice speaker, users are able to control the volume, song choice, or even the lights in the room to set a specific mood, all hands-free. You can connect to this Amazon Alexa speaker using Bluetooth, Airplay 2, and Spotify Connect.

This smart speaker delivers a powerfully high quality sound using a far-field microphone array and smart voice recognition and noise cancellation. Basically, if you have your Uxbridge Voice speaker playing in your living room and you head to the bedroom, feel free to change the song from there–Alexa will recognize your voice.

One of the biggest draws about having a Marshall speaker is that they allow you to listen to music in supreme quality, but they also embody a rock and roll vibe that enhances an interior design instantly. The Uxbridge Voice features a salt and pepper fret, new guitar-inspired rocker buttons on the top panel, and is available in white or black.

Stockwell II Marshall Speaker in Indigo

In true Marshall form, the brand released a new color way for their Stockwell II and Kilburn II portable speakers. The new indigo color is a moody blue shade and perfectly complements the burgundy shade that was launched last year. These cool speakers are ideal for traveling but also serve as chic design elements inside any home.

Kilburn II Marshall Speaker in Indigo

The Uxbridge Voice with Amazon Alexa is available April 8 for $199. The Stockwell II and Kilburn II are available in Indigo now and will ship April 15.