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Get Ready to Be Influenced By The Aces

The band’s newly released album, Under My Influence, is exactly what we need right now

There are certain songs that start to play through your headphones and your whole body immediately reacts. That could mean your head starts involuntarily nodding, toes begin tapping, or your pace picks up. One song in particular that does this for me is “Daydream” by The Aces. The song drips with sweet flavors of romance and a seriously contagious energy. Featured on the band’s recently released sophomore album, Under My Influence, “Daydream” is just one of many hypnotic bangers The Aces has to offer.

The indie-pop band consists of sisters Alisa (drums) and Cristal Ramirez (lead vocals and guitars), Katie Henderson (guitarist), and McKenna Petty (bassist). The ladies grew up together in Utah and as a result, featured a song celebrating their hometown on Under My Influence. “I’m really excited for everyone to hear “801.” 801 is the area code in Utah so it is about where we grew up and it is a really cool vibe. Super beachy, laidback, and funky. It is a different feel for us but also a style of music we all really love,” Alisa explains. The 14-track album includes other destination-inspired tracks like “Lost Angeles” and “Going Home.” One of the last songs released before the album dropped was especially timely given the quarantine: “My Phone is Trying to Kill Me.” The DIY music video features a slew of at-home clips showing phones being dropkicked, thrown out windows, and more hilarious antics.

The ladies of The Aces tell me that as a group, they have recently initiated a ‘no phone Sunday’ routine that stemmed from a YouTube video the girls posted called, “We Went 24 Hours Without Our Phones.” Since the mandated quarantine took effect in March, phones may have become a necessity in order to communicate, but the band has gained a new outlook on technology in general. “I feel like I’m on my phone less during quarantine. I’m really only on it when I need to communicate for like, this stuff. I’m looking at social media less now which is weird,” Alisa says. Cristal adds to her sister’s sentiment saying, “I feel like when you live through a screen, I personally start feeling a bit more depressed and anxious. I’m trying to omit that screen time to be more emotionally and mentally healthy.” Bassist McKenna describes how since being quarantined, the majority of her interactions with friends, family, and bandmates, has to be done through the phone, leading her to use social media a lot less. “Nowadays I just put my phone in a drawer,” she admits.

The Aces

Under My Influence was originally slated for a June release, but was postponed due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Postponing the album’s release perfectly demonstrates the maturity Cristal says listeners will find on Under My Influence. “The album shows a lot of growth for us. It is a whole new, deeper side of The Aces. There was a lot of maturing for us through the lyrics and stories and even the sound of the album.” Prior to the album being released, fans were teased with just the track listing and one track in particular stood out to the majority of followers. “‘Kelly’ is an absolute favorite of all of ours. We’re excited for the fans to hear it. I think it’s cool that our fans know nothing about it other than that it is called ‘Kelly’ and they’re so excited,” Alisa tells me. The band doesn’t divulge too much about the track but rather urges listeners to interpret it however they want.

While still practicing social distancing, The Aces have no live shows in the works but are planning to do more digital performances and other videos to stay connected with fans. But, there is one thing all four ladies are excited to enjoy post-quarantine. “The number one thing we’ve all talked about doing after quarantine is going to a nice dinner and movie,” Alisa says.

Listen to Under My Influence below.