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by intern | July 30, 2019 2:30 pm

Michael Clinton[1], president and publishing director for Hearst Magazines[2], urges people to consider running more than just an exercise[3]. For him, it’s a test of mental and physical endurance. Clinton, the author of nine other books and an impressive globetrotter[4], says that running is a way to connect with the environment[5] while also feeling a part of a different community. Clinton admits that he never failed to leave his running shoes at home as he traveled[6] to over 126 countries across all seven continents.

His book, Tales From The Trails[7], features inspiring stories from himself as well as 20 other contributors including Michael Capiraso[8], president and CEO of the New York Road Runners[9], and two-time seven continent marathoner Kelly McLay[10]. The stories shared reveal how running along international[11] trails can lead to more than just a finish line. Some found love[12], others found God; nonetheless, Clinton’s book is filled with 240 pages of self-realization, growth, and perseverance. Tales From The Trails: Runners’ Stories that Inspire and Transform will be available in stores and online on September 30.

Click here[13] for more information on the book, the contributors, and Michael Clinton.


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