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Get Inspired to Transform From This Book

Tales From The Trails offers heartfelt stories from Michael Clinton and 20 other impressive contributors

Michael Clinton, president and publishing director for Hearst Magazines, urges people to consider running more than just an exercise. For him, it’s a test of mental and physical endurance. Clinton, the author of nine other books and an impressive globetrotter, says that running is a way to connect with the environment while also feeling a part of a different community. Clinton admits that he never failed to leave his running shoes at home as he traveled to over 126 countries across all seven continents.

His book, Tales From The Trails, features inspiring stories from himself as well as 20 other contributors including Michael Capiraso, president and CEO of the New York Road Runners, and two-time seven continent marathoner Kelly McLay. The stories shared reveal how running along international trails can lead to more than just a finish line. Some found love, others found God; nonetheless, Clinton’s book is filled with 240 pages of self-realization, growth, and perseverance. Tales From The Trails: Runners’ Stories that Inspire and Transform will be available in stores and online on September 30.

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