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Take Home a Piece of Pi

Need a lifeboat for your living room? Buy the props from Life of Pi

File under “Yes, you really can buy anything online.”

Beginning Monday, November 19, you can purchase some of the actual props from director Ang Lee’s upcoming Life of Pi (which hits theatres on the 21st). Typically movie studios archive their props, but somehow the folks over at Gilt Groupe got their hands on some major pieces of Pi, including the 25-foot lifeboat in which the title character and his tiger pal sail (yours for $40,000—big cat not included) as well as the turtle shell that Pi eat offs while adrift ($3,400, shown below). Or, if you’re more interested in wearables—so you can say, “This old thing? I got it after Ang wrapped the Life of Pi“—there are also items from the film’s costume department that were worn in the movie and available for purchase, like saris, tops and jewelry (which range from $400-$1,200).

Last but not least, the proceeds from Monday’s sale will benefit the Orangutan Foundation International (http://www.orangutan.org/) which Ang Lee became involved with while doing research for the movie.