Food Pairings for Iconic Movies

by Natasha Wolff | June 26, 2015 10:57 am

Inspired by the boom in food-truck culture and their own love of movies, Heather Hope-Allison and her husband Steve decided to merge the two and Street Food Cinema[1] was born. The Los Angeles[2]-based festival is reinventing the movie-viewing experience by bringing together popular films, up-and-coming musical performers and the best of L.A.’s gourmet food trucks. This year alone, Street Food Cinema plans to host over 50 events in parks throughout Los Angeles, and they are looking to expand the series to other states.

It’s no secret that one of the best parts of seeing a movie[3] is deciding what to snack on while watching it, and at Street Food Cinema, guests are tempted with tons of mouth-watering options from some of the city’s most innovative food trucks. Here, Heather Hope-Allison dishes about the ultimate movie and food pairings everyone needs to taste.

Watch: Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark
Eat: India Jones Chow Truck
Obviously the name is a huge part of this pairing. I hate to pull out favorites, but when I’m at an event ready to eat, India Jones is usually the first place I go. The lamb frankies come with this awesome chutney. I also get the buttered chicken, which is curried chicken on a bed of rice. It’s simple but so flavorful.

Watch: Jaws
Eat: Say Fish Taco Truck
Say Fish is a newer truck and right away they got a lot of buzz. Obviously the fish tacos are the thing to get. It’s all so fresh. Some people are skeptical and think if you’re getting food off a truck, it won’t be good. But they have a proper kitchen and they’re experienced chefs. Don’t be fooled.

Watch: Rocky Horror Picture Show
Eat: Angie’s Wieners
Pairing this movie with Angie’s Wieners is obviously a nod to Dr. Frank-N-Furter. This is a very new truck with a retro vibe, which also fits into the Rocky Horror theme. My favorite is called The Director. It’s wrapped in bacon and topped with lettuce, tomatoes and special sauce. And definitely request avocado because then you get the contrast of fresh, creamy avocado against the rich, salty hot dog.

Watch: The Sandlot
Eat: Knowrealitypie
You can’t get more All-American than apple pie and baseball[4]. I personally know the woman behind Norealitypie. She makes each pie by herself. I don’t even think she has a full crew working with her. She does traditional pies and savory hand pies that are stuffed with different ingredients. The BBQ short rib hand pie with mac n’ cheese is amazing.

Watch: Back to the Future Part I & II
Eat: The Grilled Cheese Truck
The Grilled Cheese Truck goes perfect with Back to the Future because grilled cheese is timeless. Also, this truck goes back to the beginning of the food truck craze. They’re the ones who helped create the wave of popularity with food trucks. I used to get the crazy Cheesy Mac sandwich with BBQ pork, caramelized onions and mac n’ cheese. But lately I go for the standard grilled cheese because it’s simple and yummy.

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