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Sound Bite: Travis Scott, Ben Khan and Sabrina Claudio

You’re going to want to tune in to our top five new song releases from this week

After a long week, there is a welcomed sigh of relief when Friday morning arrives. It’s the freakin’ weekend baby, and we’re going to listen to new music. Not only do we have new singles from some of our favorite artists, but we have entire albums to digest. As full-length albums tend to dwindle in our digital-centric society, a collection of music feels like a rarity. From lovelytheband’s 16-song debut album finding it hard to smile to rapper Travis Scott’s wildly anticipated Astroworld, albums can tell a complete story and show the dynamics of an artist. That’s not to say a single can’t offer the perfect taste of an artist’s sound. Soulful singer Sabrina Claudio unveiled “Numb” and her breathy vocals have us totally hooked. Meanwhile, Ben Khan’s synth-heavy bop will be sure to have you lose yourself on the dance floor or really, anywhere. We’ve rounded out our top five new songs with a new release from Charlotte Lawrence, who is featured on the 13 Reasons Why soundtrack. Listen to all five new songs below.

1. “Numb” by Sabrina Claudio

Ahead of Claudio’s next project, “No Rain, No Flowers,” due out August 15, “Numb” showcases the singer’s sultry vocals and her ability to truly capture an emotion. The song has a dreamy vibe until the beat comes in and you can feel your body immediately start to sway along. Claudio croons the heartbreaking tale of a relationship ending and feeling helpless or “numb” but with a certain strength lingering behind her voice. Catch Claudio performing at Outside Lands in San Francisco this weekend.

2. “monsoon daydream” by Ben Khan

Ben Khan offers a futuristic sound wrapped up in electronic grooves with “monsoon daydream.” As the final single released ahead of his self-titled debut album (out today), there is a clear direction Khan was headed in. The ethereal vocals coupled with bright beats gives listeners a funky auditory experience.

3. “Young and Reckless” by Charlotte Lawrence

The young songstress was recently featured on the 13 Reasons Why soundtrack alongside Yungblud and her debut EP YOUNG offers the same type of community-driven attitude. “Young and Reckless” is a captivating track that unites listeners in their possible mistakes and embraces having a youthful energy, despite any repercussions.

4. “alone” by lovelytheband

We want to feel alone with the guys of lovelytheband. If it means jamming out to their catchy album finding it hard to smile. The band’s overall message is meant to build listeners up and encourage fans to celebrate each other. There might be some sort of “alone time” or difficult moments in life, but lovelytheband is optimistic that things can always improve.

5. “Coffee Bean” by Travis Scott

Rap phenom Travis Scott has been teasing the world with his album Astroworld for what feels like an eternity. With the release came 17 tracks featuring collaborations with the likes of John Mayer, Stevie Wonder and Three Six Mafia. “Coffee Bean” is a stripped down version of Scott, that listeners may not be used to. With somewhat introspective lyrics referencing his recent child with Kylie Jenner, the final song on the album feels as though Scott is welcoming the idea of joint parenthood and settling down.