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Sound Bite: Tones And I, Bright Eyes, and Tayla Parx

Check out our top five favorite new songs this week

With a warm weekend ahead of us, we have put together an epic playlist for you to enjoy. Whether you bring a speaker out to your front stoop, turn up the tunes in your backyard, or savor some ear candy by yourself during an afternoon stroll, these songs are worth a listen.

New music from veteran indie rockers Bright Eyes released a new song that features none other than Flea on bass. Yes, from Red Hot Chili Peppers. We’re vibing on the latest single from Australian artist Tones And I, and the music video is a stunning visual accompaniment to the song. With a new song from British singer-songwriter Dan Croll, music from the new duo called The Brothers Macklovitch (Chromeo’s Dave 1 and his brother A-Trak), and a new song from Tayla Parkx, this week’s Sound Bite is complete.

See below for all five songs.

1. “So Dark” by Dan Croll

British singer Dan Croll has released eight songs now that will all be included on his long awaited full-length album called Grand Plan. “So Dark” is a glittery bop laced with indie grooves. Of the new song, Croll says, “Everyone I met in LA seemed to be desperately happy, sugar coating everything, forcing humour out of fear to be seen as sad. It made me really miss home, It made me miss that dark British humour and the ability to laugh at yourself, no matter how bad it gets. ‘So Dark’ is about that search, and the moment that perseverance paid off to meet someone like minded.”

2. “Give Love To Get Some” by The Brothers Macklovitch feat. Levin Kali

Grammy-nominated siblings A-Trak and Dave 1 have had spectacular careers as electronic music producers and artists in their own right. Joining forces as The Brothers Macklovitch, the duo released their first single featuring vocals from R&B singer Leven Kali. “Give Love To Get Some” is smooth and soulful with a funky beat behind it. Tune in to The Brothers Macklovitch’s livestream debut on BeApp on Saturday, May 30 at 8:00pm EST.

3. “One and Done” by Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes may be most well known for their 2005 indie banger “First Day of My Life” and on their newest song, singer-songwriter Conor Oberst shows how he has not wavered from his iconic lyrical style. “One and Done” features Red Hot Chili Peppers’ bassist Flea, as well as instrumentation from Mike Mogis and an orchestral arrangement by Nathanial Walcott. The song is the third single that will be included on the band’s upcoming tenth album. No details have been confirmed yet.

4. “Dance Alone” by Tayla Parx

“Dance Alone” is a groovy, sensual, and saccharine song. Tayla Parx wrote the song alongside Grammy winner Kameron Glasper and Lara Andersson. Of the song, Parx says, “We all have that special someone who makes us feel things where we literally ache for them or feel for them. It’s about human connection, which we all desperately need right now, and how we realize we are not alone.” Parx is slated to release her new album Coping Mechanisms later this year.

5. “Ur So F**kInG cOoL” by Tones And I

The “Dance Monkey” artist has released her newest single, “Ur So F**kInG cOoL” along with a music video, directed by Nick Kozakis, Liam Kelly, and Tones And I. With a simple narrative, Tones And I says, “I wrote this song after I went to a party and everyone there thought they were the coolest thing ever and I just thought ‘this is shit, I’m leaving.’” The song is catchy and the music video shows the artist portraying several different characters at a party, making for an entertaining visual.