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Sound Bite: The Killers, Jessie Reyez, and Porter Robinson

Discover our top five favorite new songs released this week

We are currently living through a global pandemic and most people are being encouraged to stay home and self-quarantine. So, why not utilize this time to relax with a cold glass of Emergen-C, all the hand sanitizer, and some good tunes?

Turn up the volume on the new anti-hater anthem from the unapologetically sassy singer-songwriter, Mahogany Lox. Our favorite rockers, The Killers, released their first single off their forthcoming sixth album, Imploding The Mirage, set for release on May 29, 2020. “Caution” will transport you to a massive arena show where Brandon Flowers explodes across the stage before Lindsey Buckingham shows up and offers a guitar solo. Yes, you read that right.

With new songs from Jessie Reyez, Porter Robinson, and Born Ruffians, our Sound Bite is complete. See below for all five songs, and stay sanitized.

1. “Sike” by Mahogany Lox

The newest single from the granddaughter of Motown Records’ founder Berry Gordy is energetic and unfiltered. Mahogany Lox went for a more hip-hop sound on “Sike,” while maintaining her powerful point of view. “‘SIKE’ is a confidence anthem. It’s supposed to show that it’s okay to cry and feel emotions. but at the end of the day… just know that you’re amazing and some people only want to bring you down because they want to be like you,” Mahogany Lox says about her new song.

2. “Caution” by The Killers

With an epic, glam-rock vibe, The Killers have consistently delivered cinematic music that attracts generations of fans. The band’s latest single, “Caution,” is off their upcoming album, Imploding The Mirage. With an anthemic chorus that feels reminiscent of the band’s earlier days, frontman Brandon Flowers proves he has not lost an ounce of his youthful spirit and seriously impactful vocals. A guitar solo from Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham gives the song even more emotion.

3. “Ankles” by Jessie Reyez

Singer-songwriter Jessie Reyez has a hypnotic voice that has a supernatural power to it. From her poetic and uncensored lyrics to her gritty and distinct sound, Reyez sings and we listen. Her new song “Ankles” will be featured on her upcoming debut album, Before Love Came to Kill Us, out on March 27. Reyez shows her strength and confidence through “Ankles” as she explicitly decides that the women who follow in her footsteps after a break-up can’t even measure up to her ankles. We agree with Reyez.

4. “Wavy Haze” by Born Ruffians

The band’s new album, Juice, is slated for release on April 3. Their latest single, “Wavy Haze,” is the album’s closing track and offers a nostalgic vibe paired with a groovy aesthetic. Looking back at the band’s early days, vocalist Luke Lalonde said the track, “As a band, we all lived together in one house—Mitch, Steve, and I, with our friend Joel. I remember stacks of beers, jamming in the basement, writing in my bedroom, with lots of anxiety and stuff going around me then too. I know I was mostly miserable at the time, but I remember it fondly. The song’s lyrics came from that juxtaposition—looking back with a mix of longing, loss, relief, regret, and growth through this wavy haze of memory.”

5. “Something Comforting” by Porter Robinson

The dreamy new track from Porter Robinson is transportive and ethereal, welcoming listeners into the young producer’s new realm of music. “Something Comforting” leads listeners through a journey of sonic exploration, from a soft and sweet introduction into a euphoric and exciting build-up. After almost five minutes, the song ends with captivating and careful piano notes that almost feel like a lullaby.

Main photo credit: Dan Regan