Sound Bite: Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, and Sheare

by Natasha Wolff | August 16, 2019 2:30 pm

August might be cooling down but the music is heating up. That was cheesy but seriously, music icons like Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, and Charli XCX[1] have all put out new music and we are here for it. Taylor Swift’s latest release is bittersweet in a way we haven’t really heard the superstar before, with glimmers of raw desperation and a much more authentic singer-songwriter vibe rather than sparkly over-the-top pop.

Lana Del Rey has been working on her upcoming album with Jack Antonoff and her latest release delivers an iconic bluesy Lana sound with the unfiltered political point of view that Antonoff has never shied away from sharing. Since making an appearance at Jack Antonoff’s 5th Annual Ally Coalition Talent Show[2], Lana Del Rey and Antonoff have been squirreled away working on the singer’s upcoming album. Del Rey’s latest single boasts a dreamy blues sound with honest lyrics that paint a picture of what America would look like in the singer’s dreams.

With new music from Brooklyn native Sheare[3], Ariana Grande’s latest collaborators Social House, and pop diva Charli XCX, our weekly Sound Bite is complete. See below for all five songs.

1. “Lover” by Taylor Swift

The latest single off Swift’s upcoming eponymously titled album is a vast difference from her last single, “You Need to Calm Down[4].” “Lover” is a love note rich with longing and a delicate tone. It feels like a slight return to Swift’s country roots with diary entry-esque lyrics and a genuine delivery. The cracks in Swift’s voice will tug on your heartstrings in the best way.

2. “At Least We Can Say That We Tried” by Social House

Since Social House[5] debuted their song “boyfriend” live with Ariana Grande at Lollapalooza[6] last week, the boys have released their debut EP Everything Changed…. While the six-song EP is packed with hits, we love this song the most. Backed by guitar strumming, the song boasts Post Malone vibes with seriously honest lyrics about breaking up with someone. *hits repeat*

3. “Nightmare Baby” by Sheare[3]

Sheare’s overall aesthetic is personified in his latest single. A tapestry of emo pop sensations, “Nightmare Baby” showcases Sheare’s ability to create anthemic sad bops. The chorus is the ideal sing-along for the broken-hearted.

4. “Cross You Out” by Charli XCX ft. Sky Ferreira

Why these two haven’t collaborated before now is a mystery. “Cross You Out” is dark, edgy, breathy, and electric. Backed by a hypnotic beat, Charli XCX[1] and Sky Ferreira soar with their effortless vocals and pop sensibilities. The song is the latest single off Charli’s upcoming album.

5. “Looking For America” by Lana Del Rey

This Brooklyn baby’s fans have been waiting patiently for new music from their unfiltered star and in the wake of tragedy, Lana Del Rey has delivered. “Looking For America” is a heavy single that is stacked with political references. Dreaming of a world with no bombs in the sky and instead, fireworks, Del Rey doesn’t disguise her wishes for America. All proceeds from this wishful lullaby will be donated to Gilroy Garlic Festival Victims Relief Funs, El Paso Community Relief Fund, and Dayton Foundation.

Main photo credit: @taylorswift[7]

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