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Sound Bite: Sky Ferreira, The Driver Era and Zara Larsson

Listen to our top five new songs from this week

It is a great feeling when you leave work on a Friday at 5:00pm and know that you can take a deep breath, mix yourself a cocktail and turn up the volume to your newest weekend playlist. This week we are savoring the first new release from Sky Ferreira in four years. With a dark spirit and even darker lyrics, “Downhill Lullaby” is giving us a bit of some dramatic Lana Del Rey vibes. On the opposite end of the spectrum we have a new banger from The Driver Era that will have you on your feet, arms in the air and maybe a newly discovered peace sign tattooed onto your wrist. And we’re jamming to it.

Following suit, Zac Farro from Paramore has put out a new song called “Who Could You Be” that feels inspiring and free-spirited, rich with groovy layers. From newcomer Haley Reinhart, we are getting all the soulful funk sounds, mixed with powerhouse vocals. Though Reinhart has a sadness to her voice, there is something super comforting about it.

Pop songstress Zara Larsson has revealed a new song “Don’t Worry Bout Me” immediately following the announcement that Larsson will be supporting Ed Sheeran on his European tour this summer. See below for all five new songs from this week.

1. “Downhill Lullaby” by Sky Ferreira

The moody and grunge-tinged new release from Sky Ferreira showcases the singer’s haunting artistry. “Downhill Lullaby” is spooky and dreamy at the same time, utilizing a hollow drum beat and detuned guitar riff. At almost six minutes, this track is ironically the first teaser of Ferreira’s upcoming album, Masochism.

2. “Deep Water” by Haley Reinhart 

There is a sweet, soulful sound to Reinhart’s vocals that bleed through to the listener’s gut. “Deep Water” is the lead track off Reinhart’s newly released independent album, Lo-Fi Soul. Co-produced by Reinhart, the song boasts a retro feel with hints of jazz.

3. “Feel You Now” by The Driver Era

Groovy beats and infectious hooks. The Lynch brothers, who make up The Driver Era, never fail to delivery hypnotic bops. From “Preacher Man” to “Low,” the boys have an experimental sound that treads between playfully psychedelic and soulfully sweet. On “Feel You Now,” there is an anthemic power to it along with a subtle sax throughout the track.

4. “Who Could You Be” by HalfNoise

Zac Farro might be best known for being the drummer in Paramore. But, in his solo project, Farro has managed to showcase his unique sound on his own. His latest single is magically rhythmic and super fantastical. There are certain elements of fantasy laced throughout the track that offer a sense of innocent fun.

5. “Don’t Worry Bout Me” by Zara Larsson

This explosive pop banger features a confident voice from Larsson along with a infectious musicality. With a bright attitude and sultry tone, Larsson has proved herself as a successful songstress in her own right, and this track allows her to explore deeper layers of herself as an artist. Most recently, Larsson has secured a supporting slot on Ed Sheeran’s European summer tour.