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Sound Bite: Saint Motel, Katy Perry, and James Bay

Discover our top five favorite new songs released this week

The weather in New York might be gloomy this weekend but you can easily boost your mood with some stellar new music. Our latest Sound Bite includes a new song and music video from singer-songwriter Declan McKenna that will be featured on his upcoming album, Zeros, out on August 21.

Newcomer Wafia unveiled a new single and announced her upcoming EP Good Things would be released on August 21. The singer’s new single “Hurricane” comes with a beautiful homemade lyric video.

Katy Perry released her upcoming album’s title track, “Smile.” The singer’s album is set to be released August 14. With a new single from James Bay and a bop from Saint Motel, our Sound Bite is complete. So, get geared up for a weekend inside with your perfect playlist. See all five songs below.

1. “Daniel, You’re Still A Child” by Declan McKenna

The latest single from this British singer feels like a mix between The Wombats and VHS Collection. Of the new song, McKenna says, “Daniel is this kid who has so much to prove, he has so much in him but he’s just continually being led astray because the world’s telling him that he’s not ‘normal’. Social media isn’t this alien spaceship, it’s the reality in which young people are living in. And I found myself living in this reality. I’m not trying to create a story that’s like ‘bleep bloop, isn’t the future mad.’ We’re living in that madness now!”

2. “Hurricane” by Wafia

The newest single from indie-pop songstress Wafia is like a glittery dreamscape personified. Of “Hurricane,” Wafia says, “When you go through a tough break up, there are a lot of secondary losses that can come with it too–you & your ex’s mutual friends, their family, the community you built together and last year I lost all of that.” She adds, “This song to me is about my friendship with them and celebrates them.”

3. “Smile” by Katy Perry

Katy Perry announced her new album Smile will be out August 14 and with the announcement came the album’s title track. “Smile” is an upbeat track that Perry says was written as she was coming out of one of the darkest periods of her life. “When I listen to it now, it’s a great reminder that I made it through. It’s three minutes of energizing hopefulness,” she adds.

4. “Preach” by Saint Motel

“Preach” is a new song from indie rockers Saint Motel that is be included on the band’s second installment of a three-part album. In a world where live music has taken a hiatus, Saint Motel got creative. The band is creating a virtual world powered by Mozilla Hubs where fans can explore a unique 3D VR environment with meet-and-greets, performances, and more. Until that is launched, we have “Preach” to enjoy.

5. “Chew On My Heart” by James Bay

The poetic singer-songwriter James Bay is known for his delicate lyrics and powerful guitar. The artist’s newest single “Chew On My Heart” has a bigger sound than we’ve heard in the past, with more range and depth. “It’s an outpouring of love, and that’s a huge theme across this new music. When I come home from tour, I burst through the door and throw my arms around my girl, and she’ll just say, ‘Okay, relax, cool’,” he laughs. “It’s cheesy, but I wrote it from that perspective. It’s the opposite of being guarded.