Sound Bite: Sabrina Claudio, Lord Huron and Tom Misch

by Natasha Wolff | April 6, 2018 3:38 pm

In today’s playlist-dominated music streaming culture, listening to one album all the way through is becoming less and less common. Even so, an album’s release is an important milestone—especially for new artists. This week’s debut full-length albums included everyone from unfiltered rapper Cardi B to London crooner Tom Misch. And the taste we got of Lord Huron’s upcoming album left us wanting more.

With such a focus on social media and digital releases, it can be difficult to keep songs under wraps ahead of an album’s release but this week, Cardi B surprised us all with a Chance the Rapper collaboration. Misch, meanwhile, put forth a single featuring GoldLink. Other collaborations that will be stuck in our heads all weekend come from R&B starlet Sabrina Claudio and “Young Dumb & Broke[1]” singer Khalid and a super-anthem from Johnnyswim and Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors. See below for our top five new releases from this week.

1. “Don’t Let Me Down” by Sabrina Claudio ft. Khalid

The sexy and sensual emerging artist Sabrina Claudio[2] paired up with Grammy-nominated wunderkind Khalid for this vulnerable track. “Don’t Let Me Down” is soulful[3] and romantic, perfectly delivered by Claudio’s airy vocals. Khalid’s verses cut through the synth-heavy song and with a deeper tone, compliments Claudio’s femininity.

2. “Lost in Paris” by Tom Misch ft. GoldLink

Off the debut album Geography[4] from British multi-instrumentalist Tom Misch, “Lost in Paris” combines the playful jazz sounds with the hip-hop vibe from rapper GoldLink. Misch croons over a saxophone showing off his eclectic production skills along with his romantic side. Misch is slated to make his debut appearance at Coachella this year.

3. “Best Life” by Cardi B ft. Chance the Rapper

We’ve learned by now to never be surprised by anything Cardi B does. She is a force to be reckoned with, both musically[5] and personally. Which is why we shouldn’t have been shocked by the Chance the Rapper[6] collab on her newly released debut album Invasion of Privacy. Chance raps in his adorable sing-song style on “Best Life” while Cardi buzzes about her career wins so far—which include everything from cars and tailored dresses to being photographed with Beyoncé.

4. “Ring the Bells” by Johnnyswim and Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors[7]

Savor this powerful new single from one of our favorite husband-wife duos, Johnnyswim[8], and the Nashville crooner Drew Holcomb. “Ring the Bells” is one of several songs to be featured on a collaborative EP Goodbye Road. From the emotional vocals to the encouraging sonic vibe, this song makes us want to get up on our feet and dance, jump or sing. Or all three.

5. “When The Night Is Over” by Lord Huron

Here, Lord Huron offers a moody teaser for their forthcoming album Vide Noir, due out April 20. With Huron’s trademark haunting whistles in the background, “When The Night Is Over” feels like the theme song to a rainy day, and sometimes that’s exactly what you need.

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